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Your precious memories stored on video tape are rapidly degrading and will soon become unwatchable!

Similarly, photos are fading and getting creased, vinyl records are warping and degrading… ◼︎


iDigitise will future-proof, repair and protect your precious records, photos and videos. We make it easy for you, your family and friends to share and enjoy them.

We do this by digitising your records, cassette tapes, your photos and videos.

We save, repair, protect and transfer them onto digital storage media so you can easily view and enjoy them for years to come.  ◼︎

Bring your record collection into the digital age

Have your old vinyl records expertly converted into a digital format so you can play them on your iPod, computer, phone or car stereo.

Have all your old classic 45s, albums and cassette tapes quickly and safely transferred to CDs or MP3 files on a USB memory stick, but without all the old crackles.

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Repair and restore your old, damaged and faded photos

Photos fade over time and become ‘washed-out’ as well as becoming creased and torn.

Modern technology makes it relatively easy to repair and restore these photos which can then be made into modern photo books or a slideshow on DVD for everyone to enjoy.

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Preserve your media

Convert those VHS tapes

Just like your records and photos, your video tapes also degrade over time.

We can easily convert them to DVD so your movies can be played on a computer or TV. They can also be copied across to a smart phone, iPad etc to be enjoyed with friends or whilst away from home.

But do it now - with each passing year, they’re degrading further and one day it’ll be too late!

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Get yourself on the web

A well designed website promotes your business all day - every day. If your business website lists little more than your contact details and business hours, it will give you a healthy lead over your more technophobic competitors.

Even if you don’t sell products or services on line, the internet is where the majority of people begin their search for new products or services.

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Do It Now - before it’s too late!

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